Technologies that work.

At Rage, chances are that you can name a web technology and we will most probably have resources qualified to handle it. Our technology development outlook is characterized by three principles.

Applying technologies that work.

Technology agnosticism

We are not bound to any one technology because many of our clients have already made technology investments. We have solution architects, developers and programmers across the spectrum of web development technologies, whether open source or proprietary.

Continuous skill development

Our staff is trained continuously on the latest technology developments through formal as well as informal training. They are encouraged to experiment and explore, even if something may not be of immediate relevance. Many of them have certifications in their area of specialty and preference.

Delivering seamless user experience

Whatever the project, a website or a digital marketing campaign, our development teams are as sensitive to user experience as our creative and UX teams are. Therefore, not only do they follow design principles, but they also use technology to enhance user experience and to juice up websites and web applications – all in the quest of delivering a superior digital experience for users.

Our Clients:

Adara Partners
Avishya Trading Private Limited
Axis Bank
BNP Paribas
Critical Mass