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  • Jan 15, 2014

When Twitter unleashed its 6 sec looping videos in January earlier this year it was lapped up by thousands. Even with its time limitation, it soon became a raging sensation and grew exponentially to reach the top of the popularity chart.

However, for a long time, this tool was predominantly used to share inane, fun videos, until a few, far-sighted corporates spotted a sizzling business potential brewing in it.
Like all new innovations, Twitter’s Vine too was experimented with much trepidation. Needless to say, there were very few takers in the beginning. For most marketers the time constraint seemed like an intimidating challenge to deal with. In fact, it was even scoffed at, saying 6 seconds was too little time to sell or talk about a brand. But the few, who were brave enough to test the waters and embrace this nascent social marketing tool, haven’t really complained.
The shortest, yet the hottest!
Today, of course, Vine is a force to reckon with in the social media landscape. According to a new report released by GlobalWebIndex, It is the fastest growing video app of the year with a user base of over 40 million. Amongst these include several big brands like Cisco, Gap, HP, Armani, GE, Philips, Cadbury and Doritos -which have been quick to jump into the six-second bandwagon and capitalize on it to drive engagement.
But what can you say in six seconds?
Lots, actually! Six seconds is more than enough to pack in a punch. So say the brands that have been active on Vine. In fact, a quick look at the many video, shows that brands have exploited it to announce new product launches, promote contests, run teaser campaigns and even showcase demos! Marketing pros believe that with our shrinking attention spans, vine could be just the right tool to get the message cross before the audiences lose their interest.
Here are some unconventional marketing campaigns that brands have taken to promote brand awareness vis-a-vis showcase their products and get users engaged.

  • Lowes created an educative campaign called Fix In Six. Essentially, these are handy DIY home lessons taught in six seconds – solutions for everything from removing stubborn nails, fixing PVC pipes, to hanging extension cords.
  • Oreo has always managed to capture the imagination of their fans with some stunning creatives on social media. Using Vine, they show fun and new ways to eat their cookies (for instance, as sprinkles over ice cream)
  • General Electric used Vine to create a series of stop-motion videos about science. GE makes appliances, but their brand is all about inspiring creativity through invention. The innovative series helped them to connect with younger audiences and raise awareness without pushing the product.
  • The six-second-cocktail campaign by Bacardi demonstrated how simple it is to make classic and tasty Bacardi-based cocktails

What are the perks?

  • Not every company can spend a fortune on its marketing activities. For those with a budget constraint, Vine proves to be the perfect affordable alternative to market their products/services as also achieve a wider reach, without spending extra!
  • Creating videos on Vine is easy and relatively straightforward. There’s no hi-tech equipment or smart scripting involved. This no-hassle factor, makes it’s a perfect medium for engagement and interaction.
  • The brief time limit of this tool forces the communication to be short and snappy. Which means, messages can get heard without having to ask customers for too much of their time.
  • The mobile nature of the app offers opportunities for widespread reach. Since the videos are targeted for on-the-go users as well, companies that embrace Vine will have their videos viewed by people everywhere.

Six-second sensation … for how long?
Forecasters and analysts believe that the future of mobile marketing lies in videos. According to a recent research, mobile video will constitute 66% of global mobile data traffic by 2017. But with a new crop of video sharing-apps flooding the digital landscape, only time will tell if the six-second formula will continue to stay on in top form in the saturated space.

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