A dynamic web has resulted in continuous Search Marketing.

Our focus on search begins with understanding consumer behaviour on the website and adapting that behaviour to marketing objectives. Automatically, our focus is on the quality of web visits and not the quantity. This results in higher than average conversions, both, at the point of generating a lead and at the point of conversion, of which the agency is often not in control.

Optimising SERP performance

How search ranking algorithms work are well-kept secrets of search engines. However, analysis of the impressions and click-through rates at the search term level provide significant insights into how search terms are performing. This same approach is taken when evaluating SERP performance and click-through rates to identify actions that need to be taken into account to optimise click-through performance.

Optimising SERP performance

Optimising Paid Search performance

Paid Search on the face of it poses different challenges. However, the same principles can be used in bid management, click-through performance of both the advertisements and landing pages, and ad position optimisation among other things.

Going in depth is painstaking, but the rewards are worthwhile since performance improves by up to five times and the overall cost comes down drastically.

Our Clients:

Adara Partners
Avishya Trading Private Limited
Axis Bank
BNP Paribas
Critical Mass