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  • Jul 15, 2014

A newsletter I subscribe to had a subject-line that was provocative enough for me to open and read the newsletter.

The first denouement was on opening the newsletter, I found no mention of the article that triggered my opening the newsletter. Made of sterner stuff, I scrolled down the forest of sub-headings to the link that was on the subject line … only to be completely disappointed. The subject line and the story is on the link below:

Where Google and Wal-Mart go for PowerPoint advice
Quite obviously, smart headlines grab attention. However, as this illustration shows, attention grabbing headlines that disappoint erode credibility … a greater disservice. Headline writers, be warned, merely smart lines that have no bearing on the content will cause more damage even if the line itself is great.
Here’s another example of a headline that flatters to deceive:
Why performance metrics matter

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