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November 2017

November 2017 | VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 1
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CMOs globally are now concerned about brand safety. More so in the past 12 months. A reflection of what’s happening in the socio-digital world? That’s a world changing at lightning speed. Facebook is no longer the biggest by worth. And Google just unveiled the future of search. Read on for more.
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2017: CMOs Concerned By Brand Safety
Brand safety has rocketed to the top of many CMO’s list of priorities, with 83% saying they have become more concerned about it in the last 12 months….  >>
Your Brand vs. Social Algorithms: The Conundrum of 2018
Brands are finding themselves at the mercy of algorithm changes from Instagram and Twitter. Find out what that will mean for your social and content strategy in 2018…  >>
The Best Ads Aren’t Ads
Everywhere you look, it’s become more challenging to separate ads from content. Find out the most common methods marketers are using and why they’re effective…   >>
Facebook Advertising Formats That Will Benefit Your Business
Getting the format of your Facebook adverting is the first step towards a successful campaign. Here is everything you need to know about Facebook ads…    >>
How LG Electronics Used Influencers to Win Over Millennials
When LG Electronics Australia was ready to bring its new range to market earlier this year, it opted to work directly with a group of influencers to help spread the word…  >>
Mobile Marketing
News and Views
Singular Highlights Most Secure Mobile Ad Networks & Challenges for Marketers
“Fraud is still a major problem for mobile marketers — and part of the blame lies with the analytics industry,” said Singular CEO and founder. The new study looks at fraud prevention…   >>
Facebook Will Disable ‘Like’ Button in Third-Party Mobile Apps
Facebook is also deprecating app invite feature that developers used to organically grow their apps’ user bases…   >>
7-Eleven Boosts Convenience with New Messenger Chatbot
Chatbot on Facebook Messenger lets users sign up for the 7Rewards customer loyalty platform, find a nearby store and learn about discounts…  >>
5 Mobile Marketing Practices Every Profit-Minded Business Should Adopt
With millennials checking their phones 150 times a day and the average person spending 5 hours a day on smartphones, mobile devices are here to stay in marketing land…  >>
Consumers Willing to Share Location Data with Apps Despite Privacy Concerns
55% of respondents said that they were more comfortable sharing the information now than they were two years ago, with 73% allowing select apps to access the information…  >>
Tech Talk
How Big Data Can Help SMEs Grow and Compete with the Big Players
Big Data can help SMEs gather data about their business, suppliers, partners, and customers, and generate insights to compete with big players…  >>
New Collaborative Platform to Spur Open Source AI Development
The new platform is part of a broader effort to open up opportunities for AI collaboration in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors…  >>
The Guardian’s 40 Best Gadgets of 2017
From smart-speakers and virtual bikes to robot vacuums and indestructible cables, here is the year’s most covetable technology…  >>
Swiss Watchmaker Omega Joins the Ecommerce Bandwagon
Omega, a Swiss watchmaker just started selling online, joining Panerai and others in a move that signals a major change in the way expensive watches are bought…  >>
Google’s Latest Pixel Feature is Your First Look at the Future of Search
Lens is one of the company’s most important new products as it offers an early look at what the future of search will look like for Google…  >>
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