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May 2017

May 2017 | VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 9
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Globally, 83% of advertisers plan to increase digital video spends. The shift away from television is driven, in part, by advertisers’ optimism in digital and mobile video’s revenue-generating potential. Two-thirds expect branded video content to drive the greatest revenue this year, followed by new formats such as VR and 360 and 1-5 minute videos. Read on for more news including top 3 IoT trends brands can leverage.
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Social Media, Ecommerce Produce New Branding Opportunities
The impact of digital activity and innovation in social media and shopping has been transformative — creating new types of interpersonal formats.  >>
83% of Advertisers Plan Increase in Digital Video Ad Spend
According to AOL’s research, digital video is all set to see the largest increase in ad spend this year at the expense of television budgets.  >>
Direct Mail Not Dying Out in the Wake of Digital
While direct mail may not be the most environmentally friendly of marketing tools, it can be more profitable than others.  >>
Mobile Ad Spend Growth behind Declining Ad Viewability Levels
The growth in mobile advertising spend is contributing to a decline in ad viewability levels in the UK, according to new research…   >>
Top 3 IoT Trends Brands Can Grab onto Now
IoT devices not only allow SMBs to deliver a better customer experience, they also collect customer touchpoint data that helps companies to improve on…  >>
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Marketers Flock to IOS
Brands are spending more on iOS, while performance marketers are becoming more efficient with their spending on Android, new research from Fiksu suggests.   >>
Fewer People Are Buying Tablets, and it’s Become a Long-Standing Trend
Statistics shows that the tablet market is continuing to shrink, posting an 8.5 percent decline over the same time last year.   >>
5 Unusual Snapchat Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked
SnapChat now has 166 million daily users – and brands have been leveraging the popularity of this social media platform successfully – here’s how…  >>
E-Commerce Market to Touch Nearly $55 Billion By 2021
Digital opportunity sectors that could see maximum e-commerce penetration would be consumer electronics, apparel, home ware and furniture, etc.  >>
6 Tips to Succeed in SMS Marketing
Used properly, SMS marketing allows for extremely precise targeting, and can be an effective tool to reach the younger generation…  >>
Tech Talk
Google and Ad Blockers: How a Strange Union Could Put an End to Terrible Ads
Can ad blocking save the ad industry? Read about this new Google initiative here.  >>
How to Use AI to Increase Customer Loyalty
Consumers want more personalized experiences online, and AI is one way to increase personalization, that will result in customer loyalty.  >>
Top Tips to Better Use Site Search
Site search is grossly underutilized by ecommerce shoppers. Read on for tips on how to optimize on-site search.  >>
Goodbye Big Data, Hello Good Data? Why Data Quality is King
When it comes to data quality, 2017 will be a challenging year, with organisations across the board striving to address the challenges of open data…  >>
5 Easy Ways to Get More Out of Your B2B Marketing Data
While data’s role continues to evolve, it’s important to be able to analyze its vast recesses to guide business decisions and leverage data for your B2B marketing efforts…  >>
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