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March 2017

March 2017 | VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 7
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Micro-influencers, by virtue of having “more engaged followers on social media”, are the next base for marketers who want to pitch their brand. This may be a good thing as another study points out – that Gen Z prefers to shop in stores, and that they use social and mobile channels while doing so. Also do not miss the implications of Google’s impending ‘mobile-first’ index.
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Advt Updates
Four Key Things to Know About Digital Video Now
Key takeaways on the emerging trends and data in the digital video ecosystem where ad spends are projected to grow.  >>
How to Flip Your Lead Generation Funnel with Account-Based Marketing
B2B marketers have been taking a second look at the funnel approach and its effectiveness in delivering conversions – here’s what they learnt.  >>
Who and What Is a Micro-Influencer?
Micro-influencers are people with a smaller but more engaged following than macro-influencers – or “social celebrities”, and here’s why they are valuable.  >>
Digital Pushing More Gen Z Engagement
Generation Z likes to shop in-store, and they’re being influenced to buy via digital channels, even in stores. That’s the word from Euclid Analytics’ data.   >>
What Small Retailers Need to Know Before 3rd Party Selling
Creating a store within the Amazon, Shopify, or EBay infrastructures has become a popular trend, but not all will be successful. Here are three tips to consider.  >>
Mobile Marketing
News and Views
Mobile Conversion Remains the Crux of Mobile Adoption in Retail
Despite the meteoric rise of ecommerce, mobile conversion rates are still a critical issue for retailers. Find out why.  >>
Look to Wearables for New Ad Options
With ad revenue from smartwatches expected to skyrocket, now is the time for brands to build an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy.  >>
Mobile Key for Email Campaigns
SendGrid has released the 2017 Global Email Benchmark Report, and among the key findings is the importance of mobile optimization for email success.  >>
4 Flaws to Avoid in Mobile Ad Design
For each brand using mobile execution to its fullest, there are dozens that miss the mark. Here’s what can be avoided.  >>
Do You Know What a Mobile Crawl of Your Site Looks Like?
Columnist Eric Enge discusses the implications of Google’s impending ‘mobile-first’ index, using a case study to illustrate some of the challenges.  >>
Tech Talk
Investment in Marketing Technology Increasing
Marketing technology has become a standard part of managing a business, with many companies shifting from their initial focus on platforms, to data instead.  >>
Why You Need to Pair Hyperlocalisation with Data for Success
Hyperlocalisation is more than just a trend: it’s the culmination of technological advances combined with innovative marketing tactics.  >>
How JavaScript Impacts How Fast Your Page Loads on a Mobile Device
JavaScript is the second largest contributor to webpage weight, and can delay the downloading or rendering of other assets on the page.  >>
Why AI and Automation Are Among the Key Marketing Trends to Watch In 2017
With mobile usage, virtual reality and voice-search on the rise, here are five break-out trends that organizations will need to consider in 2017.  >>
Top 3 Tips to Improve Online Security
Online security is paramount, especially in today’s connected world. Here are the top 3 tips to keep your businesses and personal accounts safe.  >>
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