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June 2017

June 2017 | VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 10
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Generation Z or the ‘digital native’ generation is coming of age. This generation, born at the turn of the millennium, is growing in importance not only as potential customers but also as employees. Meanwhile, identifying the customer and delivering a personalized experience is one of the top priorities of 70% of retailers today, according to a new study by BRP Consulting. Read on.
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Advt Updates
The challenges of marketing via voice recognition technology
As direct access to consumer data through digital assistants becomes widespread, brands need to consider the associated legal implications and risks.  >>
Why images are the next frontier for ad targeting
Digital media is in the midst of a transition from a primarily text-based medium to a visual-led one, and advertising needs to catch up, in targeting too.  >>
Are retailers ready for generation Z?
With Generation Z coming of age – as both employees and customers – retailers need to embrace the expectations of this ‘digital native’ generation.  >>
Online fashion: Three big issues only AI-enabled retailers can overcome
Fashion retailers are now using AI to augment human input in merchandising, and deliver a step change in online sales performance.  >>
The brand safety problem is bigger than the news cycle — and so are the solutions
Brand safety controversies emerge and then disappear again with the news cycle. But there are no quick fixes, and advertisers can’t afford to be complacent.  >>
Mobile Marketing
News and Views
Asia leads mobile ad growth worldwide
Led by China, Asia-Pacific countries are at the forefront of mobile ad growth globally, according to real-time ad platform Smaato.  >>
5 steps to mobile app marketing success
Here are five areas all app developers and marketers should focus on to help retain customers on the long term and increase user rates.   >>
Identifying mobile shoppers a top priority for 70% of retailers
Retailers are increasingly looking to personalize shopping experiences by tapping into mobile technology to help them identify their customers.  >>
Tilt and shake: Taking smartphone advertising up a level
Advertisers who can find ways to use other native functions are increasingly likely to stand out from those using classic mobile ad formats.  >>
Progressive Web Apps versus Android Instant Apps: Which is better for brands?
Much has been made of the fight between mobile apps and the mobile web, but the line between the two is no longer as clear-cut as it used to be.  >>
Tech Talk
Banking is the logical next step in the personal assistant revolution
Banks can piggy-back on Alexa, Siri or Bixby, since the technology to support voice-activated banking is already built into smartphones.  >>
Segment can now track users across sites without third-party cookies
Data connection service Segment is out with a new solution to help brands avoid third-party cookies as they track users between multiple sites.  >>
What Does Apple’s No-Tracking Feature Mean For Ad Tech?
Apple made an announcement recently that its Safari browser will block auto play video ads and incorporate a no-tracking feature to prevent ad targeting.  >>
The next tech innovation to help marketers engage live audiences: Voice
Audio and voice recognition devices are set to become a marketer’s best friend, helping to target consumers as they’re actively considering what to purchase.  >>
How six retailers are using chatbots to boost customer engagement
With an intuitive question-and-answer interface, chatbots can help deliver everything from 24-hour customer service to personalized product recommendations  >>
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