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February 2017

Feb 2017 | VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 6
Digital Industry News
Over several decades, brands have only increased the number of hours per day to send messages to customers. Today, on an average, 60 billion Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp messages alone are sent each day, only a fraction of which are brand messages. How can your brand even have a chance to get attention when your customers are otherwise engaged? Find out. Also read on to find out more on marketing, advertising, social and mobile.

Marketing &
Advt Updates
Content Advertising Projected to Be $50 Billion Market By 2021
Content advertising is all set to grow at a growth rate of 32% year-over-year, and more than 2x the growth rate of digital advertising as a whole.  >>
Machine Learning and the Customer Journey
Machine learning will soon displace audience planning and manual campaign optimisation thanks to its ability to automatically adjust delivery based on the consumer journey.  >>
Why Consumers Get Email Fatigue
Too many emails is the most common reason for unsubscribing among respondents in this October 2016 survey. Find out what the other reasons are…  >>
Customer Relevance in an Era of Squirrels
With decreasing attention spans, how do brands even have a chance to appeal to customers? Relevance is the key says Corey Olfert.  >>
Mobile Marketing
News and Views
Facebook Overtakes Google Mobile Ad Network in ROI
Facebook’s mobile ad network emerged as the top-performing advertising network during the second part of 2016, according to the San Francisco-based Singular.  >>
Mobile App v/s Mobile Web – What’s The Right Answer for Retailers?
The mobile web v/s mobile app debate has once again brought into focus, the need for a competent mobile strategy by weighing the pros and cons.  >>
Where Brands Will Shift Their Mobile Ad Spend
A look at the bigger trends in advertising, mobile apps, and mobile technology that will factor into how brands allocate their ad budgets in the coming months.  >>
What will Google’s New Mobile First Index Update mean for your E-commerce?
Google algorithms are about to treat the mobile versions of each page as the main one to index, with the desktop versions becoming secondary. What are the implications?  >>
Local Search: It’s all about Mobile
More and more, people are searching for local options on mobile devices and if your business isn’t showing up for those searches, you’re likely missing out.  >>
Tech Talk
Ad Blocker Use Continues to Grow Rapidly
According to PageFair, around 615m devices had ad blocking software in use, a 30% jump from the previous year.  >>
How Countdown Timers Can be Used to Drive Ecommerce Sales
Find out how the ticking down of the clock adds extra urgency and becomes a factor in their purchase decision.  >>
Logitech Releases a $200 Webcam that Shoots 4K Video
Logitech’s Brio is a new camera that’s better suited to an office environment, where business meetings demand to be broadcast in ultra-high definition.  >>
YouTube Rolls Out Mobile Live Streaming
Not to be left behind, YouTube says it’s ready to offer mobile live streaming to anyone with over 10,000 subscribers.  >>
The Impact of Google’s Mobile Popup Algorithm
Has Google’s algorithm to crack down on interstitials on mobile pages been well received? Find out what the impact has been…  >>
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