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April 2017

April 2017 | VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 8
Digital Industry News
Between 2013 and 2017, mobile usage grew by 17 percent each year and ad spends have been reported to surpass $65 billion by 2020. What must your mobile engagement strategy be? Find out. This is all the more important now that mobile is key to shopper’s research. On another note, VR has been forecasted to hit $7 billion. Read on.
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Kids Pick Internet over TV in Asia-Pacific, Study Finds
TV has already been displaced by the internet as the medium of choice among kids in Asia-Pacific, according to a recent poll.  >>
Influencer Marketing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Getting the most out of influencer marketing requires taking advantage of the platform from start to finish. Here’s how you can do it…  >>
Small-Business Websites Expected to Be as Top-Notch as Large
According to research, consumers visiting a small business’ website, expect the same experience they would get from a larger chain.  >>
What Automated Ads Mean for Advertisers
Automated formats have the potential to drive better results and may change industry economics in the long run.   >>
How Travel Brands Can Boost Email Engagement
Results of a recent survey suggest that travel marketers should be more mobile-friendly, highlight promotions and limit overall email volume.  >>
Mobile Marketing
News and Views
“Video Is the New Blogging”: The Latest Video Trends
Animoto’s Cynthia Knapic discusses the latest trends in video marketing and how brands are changing their strategies with the rise of video.  >>
5 Overlooked But Rewarding Mobile Engagement Strategies
Wondering which mobile engagement strategies are likely to yield the highest ROI? Here are 5 that are often overlooked by marketers…  >>
How to Monetize Your Mobile Site without Driving Traffic Away
Despite the huge buzz around smart, handheld devices, monetizing mobile sites effectively is a real challenge for publishers. Here’s what you need to do.  >>
Snap-to-Shop Ads Hope to Drive Retail Sales
Challenging Facebook’s ad-targeting expertise, Snap is rolling out a new ad product that tracks the relationship between online and offline conversions.  >>
Study: Mobile Key to Shopper’s Research
Columnist Eric Enge discusses the implications of Google’s impending ‘mobile-first’ index, using a case study to illustrate some of the challenges.  >>
Tech Talk
Android Apps Could Rake in More Cash than iOS This Year
Android app revenue is all set to overtake that of iOS for the first time ever by the end of 2017 — but there’s a catch.  >>
Automation Won’t Destroy Every Marketing Job
While brick-and-mortar jobs may diminish with automation, back-end operations are ramping up to create more jobs, and re-scope current positions.  >>
Forecast: Virtual Reality to Hit $7b
According to the VR Industry Report, the release of Microsoft Windows 10, will increase the interest in VR capabilities and options.  >>
Artificial Intelligence to Fuel Amazon’s Success
Amazon is embracing artificial intelligence to deliver goods more quickly, enhance its voice-activated Alexa assistant and create new tools…  >>
Agency Measures Brand’s Emotional Connection to Their Audiences
Find out how a complex set of mathematical algorithms were used to measure the emotions expressed by both consumers and brands themselves.  >>
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