Sept 2016 | VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 2
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Data is the future of marketing without doubt. Here's more proof. About 40% of marketing professionals in a survey concede that their organizations' revenues from data-driven marketing activities grew a notch from Q1 to Q2 2016.
There's a trend here that can only be north bound in the long run if you consider that behavior-based data is critical for customized marketing content. Businesses are increasingly opting for web analytics software, CRM and content management systems to support digital personalization efforts. Read on to find out more.
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Advt Updates
Data-Driven Marketing Is Driving More Revenues
This new trend that is leaving marketers happy is all set to continue on an upswing.  >>
Google, Facebook and the World's Biggest Brands Join Together to Improve Digital Ads
Ad-blocking epidemic? Here's how digital advertising is getting its act together.  >>
6 quick steps to jump-start your influencer marketing program
Influencer marketing helps build your industry relationships and boost sales. Here’s how...  >>
What Tech Tools Do Marketers Use for Personalization?
Behaviour-based data is critical for customized marketing content.  >>
Digital is Fastest Growing Media in India
The Carat Ad Spend Report for September 2016 has been released and it looks promising.  >>
Mobile Marketing
News and Views
Why Brands Need to Budget for Beautiful Creative on Mobile
Targeting is useless without something interesting to look at.  >>
What Apple's Updates Mean for Your App
Expert Four Updates to the iTunes store and what brands need to know about them.  >>
7 tips to generate more leads on mobile devices
All you need to know about lead generation and steps we can take to improve results.  >>
How mobile is transforming the restaurant order and delivery business
As restaurant businesses are slow to go mobile, third-parties gain a foothold in the market.  >>
How Pokèmon Go Will Change Mobile Advertising
Pokèmon Go may have an even greater effect on how we buy and sell mobile ads.  >>
Tech Talk
5 Questions to Ask About Mobile App Tracking
From 'Do we need an App?' to ‘How to track', here's the complete checklist on Apps.  >>
Can Apple Beat Snapchat and Instagram at Their Video Game?
Apple is working on a video-sharing app with features similar to Snapchat, Instagram.  >>
American Bookworms Still Love Paper
Is the good old printed paper book more popular than the e-readers? Found out...  >>
4 steps to ensure effective optimization
Site optimization testing is key to boosting performance and deriving customer insights.  >>
Voice Interfaces – key to the future?
Could China be leading the way with advanced speech technology? Find out...  >>
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