Nov 2016 | VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 4
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As we come closer to the holiday season, how can businesses convert more shoppers? The answer is 'Retargeting'. Find out four tips to successfully use retargeting in the mobile space.

Speaking of mobile and the advancements in technology, will our future be immersed in newer machines and capabilities like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence? As mobile becomes the first screen for most viewers how must brands react? Read on to find out.
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Advt Updates
Facebook Sees Q3 Revenue Growth amid Concerns over Maximum Ad Load
Facebook surpasses analysts' projections with its actual stats. Keeps getting stronger.  >>
How to Re-Target for Holiday Success
Retargeting helps convert more shoppers during the holiday weeks, gains in import.  >>
How to Set Goals for a Killer B2B Social Media Campaign
When it comes to social, there are two types of goals that marketers should be setting.  >>
A Look into Digital Advertising's Crystal Ball
Will our future be immersed in new machines and capabilities like Virtual Reality and AI?  >>
The Move Towards Mass Customisation, and How Marketers Can Keep Up
A sneak peek into the new look for AdSense to be rolled out soon.   >>
Mobile Marketing
News and Views
Survey Finds Mobile Devices Topping Holiday Lists
Consumers lookout for mobile device deals this holiday season, but are concerned too.   >>
75% of Internet Use in 2017 Will Be Via Mobile
Internet use via mobile devices will increase slightly next year, according to new research...  >>
Vertical First: How Brands Should Actually Be Making Mobile Video
As mobile becomes first screen for viewers, brands must create videos for the smallest.   >>
Marketers Are Way Behind On Mobile Media
Consumers spend 25% time on mobile media, but marketers allocate only 12% spend.  >>
Citibank Enters the Mobile Wallet Space
Citibank has finally debuted a standalone digital wallet app of its own called Citi Pay.  >>
Tech Talk
10 Free yet Overlooked Google Tools for SEO Professionals
Know more about 10 highly effective tools that could possibly redefine your business...  >>
Google's Streaming Music Service Can Now Predict What You Want to Listen to Next
Update to Google Play Music app has new feature to predict what you want to hear next.  >>
Wearable Innovation is Coming to First Responder Technology
Hands-free wearables can integrate multiple tech and minimize additional equipment.   >>
Huawei's Narrowband IoT Network Grabbing Peers’ Attention
Huawei has already started to deploy pilot NB-IoT sites with various global carriers.  >>
IMAX is Going VR
IMAX to go beyond cinematic experiences. Unveils ambitious virtual reality project...  >>
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