MAY 2016 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 10
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Starting this month, Net.Set.Go. takes a new avatar with a brand new design. Besides a sleek look, we've restructured the format to be responsive, which allows you to access the news digest across all your devices. However, the content remains the same - as compelling and interesting as ever – with a compilation of the latest news picks from across the digital spectrum.
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Aruna Kamath
Marketing and
Voice Search Is Exploding and Digital Strategy Will Never Be the Same
With the growth of voice search, which uses natural language, there is an increase in questions as part of the search phrasing.
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Top 3 tips for better personalization
Using Online Reviews to Win New Customers
Mobile Marketing -
News and
Screen size matters to app engagement
Size matters when it comes to app engagement. At least, that's the take out from mobile engagement platform Localytics' latest
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Google AdWords launches new features for a mobile-first world
Are the days of cheap mobile search over?
Optimizing video advertising in a mobile world
Take The Perfect Cat Nap With The App Purrrfect Sleep
Tech talk
5 Trends Reinventing Healthcare
Digital technology and innovation are helping healthcare organizations provide higher-level service for patients, with better diagnoses...
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Earthquuuake! This app could warn you before the next big one hits
Smart Tampon? The Internet of Every Single Thing Must Be Stopped
Social Media Buzz
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