June 2016 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 11
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The results of last week’s Brexit referendum has left everyone in a tizzy. Even though it will take a good two years before Britain leaves the EU, the future already looks uncertain. As businesses weigh the pros and cons, marketing experts are calculating the possible fall outs this could have on the digital industry. Read all about it in our lead story in the ‘Marketing & Adverting’ section.
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Aruna Kamath
Marketing and
The impact of Brexit on digital advertisers
Britain is leaving the European Union. Though the process will take up to two years, how will this affect the digital advertising industry.
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How consumer behavior is evolving
Mobile Marketing -
News and
Running an effective SMS campaign in this environment
In the current competitive environment, how do you make the most of your SMS marketing?
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Smartphones Help Mothers in Mexico Stay Social
How mobile advertising needs to change
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Tech talk
Why Have Wearable Owners Stopped Using Their Device?
Wearable device usage may be growing, but according to March 2016 research, some wearable owners have stopped using their device.
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How the ancient art of origami is inspiring cutting-edge technology
How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Customer Engagement And Experience
Social Media Buzz
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