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2015 saw a frenzied growth in the wearable tech segment where many exciting devices like the Apple Watch and Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker created waves in the digital consumer market. Even amidst all this brouhaha, the mobile category - smartphone in particular - continued to show steadfast growth worldwide.
Even as technologies continue to be devised revolving around the mobile. businesses and brands are treading slowly and under-investing in this segment? Why is that so? Our lead story in the mobile section gives you some interesting insights on this.
As always, this edition is brimming with all the headline grabbers that you may have missed. Read on and enjoy!
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Marketing and Advertising Updates
Digital marketing and advertising updates
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According to a survey, more than two-thirds of US B2B marketing professionals at the director level believe predictive marketing will be a key piece of the marketing stack.
Mobile Marketing - News and views
Mobile marketing - news and views
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Given all the hype and heaps of data showing the power of mobile, you'd think brands would be throwing money at the medium.But, that's just not the case.
Tech talk
Tech talk
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This and that
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