Email can be a powerful channel to promote your business/brand - and engage with your audiences - provided you are aware of the best practices and implement them effectively. Even though tech evangelists have long written off email as a dying marketing tool, looks like its here to stay for a while.
Our lead story in the Marketing and Advertising section tells you some email trends that are redundant and therefore must be abandoned pronto to make your email marketing successful.
But that's just one of the many interesting articles in this issue. To catch up on the exciting innovations, changing trends, emerging technologies, insights, marketing analyses - read the whole issue.
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Aruna Kamath
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Marketing and Advertising Updates
Digital marketing and advertising updates
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Experts: What Google's right rail change means for advertisers
How to measure your customer service via email and social media
Is your packaging worthy of an "unboxing" share?
Marketers: It's Time to Rethink the Millennial Mom
7 Email Trends That Should Die In 2016
Some outdated trends that you should immediately shelve if you want your email marketing to shine.
Mobile Marketing - News and views
Mobile marketing - news and views
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Survey: Mobile experience falling short
Flexible Smartphones May Be Coming Sooner Than You Think
Mobile Devices Now Driving 56 Percent Of Traffic To Top Sites - Report
The 5 'C's' to Winning in Mobile
Seven Mobile Trends That Will Change How Consumers and Brands Interact
Emerging mobile capabilities already underway that could significantly change how consumers and brands interact in the near future
Tech talk
Tech talk
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Why Three Apps -- Eva, OneHive and Besomebody -- Just Might Take Over Facebook
4 Reasons to Be Excited by the 'Internet of Things'
Cloud Computing For Education Can Be A Game Changer
Google Docs Will Now Let You Type, Edit And Format Documents With Voice - No Keyboard Required
Google Docs on the Chrome browser now allows users to do everything hands-free - no keyboard needed.
Social media buzz
10 ways brands are using social media marketing for good
Mumbai Police is winning hearts with its witty tweets
Customer service best practices: Making social media a two-way conversation
Will Facebook users give Reactions the thumbs-up?
This and that
What virtual reality content are people most interested in experiencing?
Wearables Market Grows 172% In A Year; 78 Million Devices Shipped (21 Million Fitbits)
In the Future, Visa Will Tell You When It's Time to Fill Up Your Car With Gas Part of brand's big bet on Internet of Things
Google Technology Begins To Identify Location In Images
Twitter Has More Users Than Facebook-in Japan
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