Dec 2016 | VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 5
Digital Industry News
Net.Set.Go looks back a mere 4 years, as well as into the present to bring you an issue that is at once an eye-opener to the pace of change and the muse behind it all. Can 208 weeks change the world so much? Find out from the news we had shared with you both in 2012 and 2016. And do let us know if you enjoyed this issue.
Looking back is always an eye-opener of sorts – from a time when Facebook was still a teen bastion, always improvising and changing to keep up with times, to the advent of niche areas like gift marketing which paved the way for full-fledged e-commerce, we sure have come a long way since 2012! Another masterstroke in the evolution of digital media, the year 2012 heralded the rise of metrics and the end of click-through rates. It also predicted the next generation of interactive digital signs, and there were many key learnings from the London Olympics.
Now in 2016, voice search is heralded as the top trend to watch out for, with statistics showing that 55 percent of teens and 41 percent of adults use it more than once a day.
Find out how digital is dominating the market with more and more consumers ordering food and groceries online. Also among the top digital marketing and advertising trends are:
Using Online Reviews to Win New Customers
Disruptive ads – how they are frustrating users
How poor customer experience can affect future purchases
Mobile marketing may be the toast of the season – but was it always this way? Way back in 2012, it was predicted that there will be one billion smart phones by 2016 – a prediction that was modest considering that there are more than two billion users today! Mobile search volumes were also predicted to reach $15B in 2017, which again far exceeded the prediction. According to Google, nearly 60 percent of searches are now coming from mobile devices, with net digital ad revenues at $63.11 billion worldwide.
Mobile wallets are here to stay, throwing up plenty of opportunities for brands. There’s an avalanche of opportunities here.
75% of Internet Use in 2017 Will Be Via Mobile
Effective ways to get higher conversions on your mobile site
7 tips to generate more leads on mobile devices
Today, mobile phones are not only driving ad spend to record levels, they are also driving a major chunk of traffic to top sites and revolutionizing payment habits especially among the young! Retailers have jumped into the bandwagon too, and are coming up with new and innovative ways of boosting mobile-based sales.
Tech Talk
Apple dominated the tech scenario way back in 2012 as iPads became indispensible, versatile devices used for a variety of functions from conducting business to remote controlling many functions. It predicted the rise of the smartphone, paving the way for a variety of uses from serving as secure mobile wallets to diagnostic tools.
Towards a Faster, Leaner Internet: Top 5 Web Technologies of Today
7 State-of-the-art Technologies Used in Rio 2016
All Charged Up! How Clothes Are Now Powering Devices
Taking off from where we left, technology has revolutionised customer service and changed the face of retail today. Wearable innovation is becoming the norm, and has reshaped spending habits across the world. Mobile Apps are all the rage, as the possibilities are endless - there’s even one for digital detox!
Social Media BuzzSocial Media Buzz
Way back in 2012, when social media was booming, the main challenge faced by marketers was how to cut through the clutter. And that is how the medium turned increasingly visual, as a way to manage the overload, paving the way for newer mediums like Pinterest and SnapChat. It was also around that time that Twitter rose to prominence, and became a force to be reckoned with.
The Right (and Wrong) Way to Do Social Media
7 Social Media Marketing Predictions for the Rest of 2016
Facebook Ads See Strong Engagement in India and Southeast Asia
Since then, social media has become an integral part of marketing behaviour. From influencing shopping behaviour to facilitating conversations with customers, social media has even set the trend for the print and broadcast media, often beating them to it! Ever changing and evolving with new features like quick replies and welcome messages in Twitter DMs, and new features on Facebook, social media has become indispensable.
This and ThatThis and That
It's been an eclectic mix of trends and ideas that have caught the popular imagination over the years with interesting bits of news like Apple replacing 60,000 employees with robots to Mozilla’s kitchen bot that can fix your dinner!
And soon...
Uber will start using smartphones to check if its drivers are speeding
Twitter will let brands target ads based on the emojis people use
What can possibly be next?
Anxiety in moms has been linked to their social media use, while doctors have come up with the view that smartphones can make your kid cross-eyed. But that has not stopped the wearable market from growing in leaps and bounds with 78 million devices shipped till date!
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