August 2016 | VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 1
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This is a bit of a paradox. While most research points to the fact that email marketing is one of the most effective mediums, here's a study that says that most retail email subscribers are not really customers. A point to be given serious thought to as far as messaging for email marketing goes?
Meanwhile, this summer Olympics has been an eye opener as far as event viewership is concerned. If you thought people are glued to their televisions or PC's you're mistaken. It's mobile to the forefront.
Read on to find out about the newest phenomenon "Pokémon Go" that has six brands already riding the wave.
Marketing and
Most Retail Email Subscribers Are Not Customers
Only about one-third of subscribers have actually made purchases.  >>
Podcast Listeners Receptive to Advertising
Most listeners not alienated by advertising within the medium.  >>
Online Video Can Help Sell Anything - Even Insurance
Video is a great way to market a boring and complex product.  >>
Internet Users Tune In to Olympics Coverage via Mobile
Respondents believe mobile provides better content.  >>
Augmented Reality on TV Introduces New Marketing Opportunity for Brands
Brands have the chance to experiment in a broadcast setting.  >>
Mobile Marketing -
News and Views
Smartphone Users in Asia-Pacific Divided on Attitude Toward Ads
Users willing to trade off and view ads in exchange for content.  >>
4 Trends That Are Reshaping Mobile
Expert identifies four trends that will help brands better connect.  >>
Mobile Finance App Marketers Walking Tightrope between Security and Ease-of-Use
Consumers are still not convinced their mobile finance apps are secure enough.  >>
Mobify Report Reveals Impact of Mobile Website Speed
Shoppers browse more on faster mobile websites and more insights…  >>
Mobile Ad Experiences Really Need to Improve, Study Suggests
40% of respondents said they felt ads were irrelevant to them.  >>
Tech Talk
Will Internet Users Start Using Mobile Payment Apps Anytime Soon?
Just 21% were likely to use a mobile payment app in the next year.  >>
3 Major Marketing Insights from Pokémon Go
Some intriguing new implications for sales and marketing strategy.  >>
Facebook's First Live-Action VR Film Shows the Power of 360 Video
The film shows off what the new Facebook Surround 360 camera can do.  >>
7 State-of-the-Art Technologies Being Used in Rio 2016
Includes virtual reality footage from different venues every day.  >>
'Open YOLO' May Be the Future of Managing Passwords
Can help millions perform fast, secure account login on various devices.  >>
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