When you have a baby, your entire life turns topsy-turvy. It's not just new moms, but the whole 'mommy' fraternity will agree with this. Even while trying to find their sanity while re-organising their lives, new and expecting moms have found a huge consolation in digital devices that are aiding them in a variety of family-oriented tasks. Research shows that the smartphone has become an integral part of their lives; an overwhelmingly large number of mothers are banking on their smartphones to support them in daily chores and other important responsibilities. In the lead article of the Mobile Marketing section, read about how moms deftly manage their tasks with their smartphones.
As you get a quick round-up of this month's digital buzz, get an insight into how technology can improve the classroom, the dominance of Starbucks in e-commerce and the top technology disruptions in financial services.
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Aruna Kamath
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Marketing and Advertising Updates
Digital marketing and advertising updates
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Mobile marketing - news and views
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Tech talk
Tech talk
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