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2014 was a remarkable year that saw several advancements in the online space as well as mobile technology. As the digital industry gears up for another year of frenzied growth and exciting changes, let's see what researchers and forecasters have to say about the year ahead of us. In addition to this, we also have a quick round-up of this month's buzz - just in case you've missed out on them.
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Digital marketing and advertising updates
Digital marketing and advertising updates
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Demandbase: What won't happen in 2015
How shoppers will engage with brands in 2015
What Makes Online Shopping So Popular?
What Are The SEO Lessons Learned for 2014?
What to expect in the online ad space in 2015
If 2014 was the year that we talked about wasted ad spend on fraud - and we did - then some experts believe 2015 will bring more conversation about the wasted ad spend on inefficiencies in the supply chain.
Mobile Marketing - News and views
Mobile marketing - news and views
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Report: Mcommerce to skyrocket in 2015
Experts: App usage will change in 2015
When consumers do - and don't - want to use mobile pay options
A Sneak Peek Into Mobile Advertising Trends For 2015
In India, Mobile Phone Use is the Elephant in the Room
While smartphones are slower to catch on for a host of reasons, it's still a milestone for India that for the first time, the majority of the country's population will be on mobile phones.
Tech talk
Tech talk
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Don't Build Your App for 100 Million Users
Intel Shrinks Wearables With Button-Sized 'Curie' Computer
A smart Belt which Automatically Adjusts to Keep Your Pants Up
Your future kitchen knows when food is spoiling, tells you what to make for dinner
Parenting Gets 'Smarter' with Baby Glgl, ​TempTraq, Pacif-i and More Tech for Babies
The year 2015 is speculated to be the best time for wearables and fitness trackers to gain a larger share in the market. Here are some of the baby-targeted products.
Social media buzz
How Social Media is Changing College Recruiting
Using Social Media the Right Way
How a Social Network in India Is Doing Social Good
Using Social Networks to Gauge the Mood of a Community
This and that
Mobile, video to see analytics changes in 2015
How This Google Glass Startup Is Saving Doctors Time
WhatsApp Hits 700 Million Monthly Users
What's Coming With Wearables: More Power, Enhanced Features, Snazzier Designs
This App Will Make Your Next Virtual Meeting Awesome
Why Online Marketers May Want to Target New Year's Resolution Makers
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