With the smartphone becoming more and more accessible to the younger generation, marketers have realized that they have to re-align their communication strategy to gain their trust. Research shows that more than 50% of their viewing audience has moved to the mobile platform. A good chunk of this audience includes the tech-savvy and demanding breed of millennials whose expectations are quite different. What should marketers do to increase their brand appeal among them. Read all about it in our lead story.
While gaining valuable insights on that, find out what else is happening in the digital space. In addition to news on emerging trends, we have for you - interesting analyses, research findings and technological developments. Do be sure to read them.
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Digital marketing and advertising updates
Digital marketing and advertising updates
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Survey: Consumers want reminders and promotions by email
Hilton sees more than one-third of guests use digital check-in
Facebook To Debut Product Ads, Boost To Brands
How the ad space will change in 2015
How to Advertise to the Millennial Who Hates Advertising
Viewers are watching less TV, and its audience is moving increasingly to mobile devices, with 50 percent watching on the smaller screen.
Mobile Marketing - News and views
Mobile marketing - news and views
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50% of Online Sales Heading to Mobile
Mobile Still Tops Retailers Priority Lists
Study Shows 77% of U.S. mothers respond to pics of babies
Sports goes mobile
5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes you may be making
Why isn't your mobile marketing strategy clicking? Here are some common mistakes that you may be making
Tech talk
Tech talk
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Tiny sensors track easily misplaced objects
New iPhone game uses your heartbeat as the controller
Handwriting Isn't Dead-Smart Pens and Styluses Are Saving It
Search overtakes traditional media for most trusted source
Research reveals online search engines have, for the first time, overtaken traditional media as the most trusted source for news and information, particularly among Millennials.
Social media buzz
Many customer queries on social media remain unanswered
Pinterest introduces new search tool to attract men to the network
WhatsApp monthly userbase outstrips Twitter, Instagram combined
The Evolution of the Smartwatch Continues Before Our Very Eyes... and Wrists
Big Brands Got 105% More Twitter Engagement During Q4
Here's How Facebook Plans to Help Brands Find Out When Their Ads Actually Worked
This and that
Computers better judge of personality than friends and family
Google to close door on Gtalk from February 16 onwards
Now Your Smartphone Can Tell You If You Have HIV Or Syphilis (And It's Darn Accurate, Too)
16 apps for your iPhone that are better than the ones Apple made
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