Most Email marketers lament that their mails either never get opened or end up in the recipient's junk folder. While there is a lot of complicated technology involved behind this, an email marketing campaign may backfire and turn out to be a futile exercise if you don't have a strong strategy in place and follow some thumb rules. What are some of the basic requirements to create an engaging email marketing campaign? Read our lead story to find out.
As you get a quick round-up of this month's buzz across the digital spectrum, read about the behavior of mobile shoppers, how data apps are transforming the health and fitness sector and how social media can play a role in humanizing your brand.
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Digital marketing and advertising updates
Digital marketing and advertising updates
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What Do Shoppers Want from Loyalty Programs?
3 forgotten demographics you should be watching
Ecommerce Marketing- First Impressions Matter
4 rules to follow for successful email campaigns
Email engagement sends a message about what the customer is interested in and how they respond to your email marketing campaign. A strong email data strategy will differentiate good email marketing senders from bad email marketing senders.
Mobile Marketing - News and views
Mobile marketing - news and views
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Study: Mobile key to global ecommerce success
How retailers can adopt a mobile-first strategy
How Google is transforming the mobile landscape
Mobile Shoppers Spend 31 Minutes in a Store; 7% Leave Within 5 Minutes
What Google's mobile-friendly update means to brands
Google's new SEO announcement is in-line with other updates - delivering the most relevant user experiences within their search results. While increased relevance is a great thing, one expert weigh in on how the changes may affect businesses around the world.
Tech talk
Tech talk
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13 things you didn't know about the Apple Watch
Ditch your cords with IKEA's wireless charging furniture
Jawbone's new fitness tracker lets you make payments from your wrist
Demand for Big Data Apps in Fitness and Healthcare
New Uses for Old Technology
Is your old technology residing in that drawer, like the one we all have, in your home? Re-purpose your old technology to fit current or temporary needs.
Social media buzz
Can you identify with these six social media faux-pas
9 Ways to Humanize Your Brand With Social Media
Social Network Ad Spending to Hit $23.68 Billion Worldwide in 2015
Better Social Media Marketing comes from Personalized Social Media Strategy
7 Signs Your Brand Is Doing Social Media Wrong
This and that
Banking: Cash and cheque use continues to fall
Indonesia Boasts Highest Digital, Mobile Internet Ad Growth in World
Millennials Smile for Snapchat
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