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  • Nov 15, 2022


Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart – we get marketplaces.

As competitors step up their Amazon game, you need someone who understands eCommerce in general and marketplaces specifically. We’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive, full-funnel eCommerce strategy

We use our historical data combined with powerful forecasting tools to accurately set and achieve revenue targets. From forecasting inventory to identifying the best placements, we use every available growth driver on Amazon.

We get the big picture

We recognize that a strong eCommerce strategy isn’t just about delivering numbers. We have years of experience working with eCommerce brands, and have just the right combination of tactical expertise and high-level strategy capabilities to meet all of your Amazon needs. We plan top-down, ensuring that all KPIs – and therefore our approach to your account – are directly tied to your business goals, competitive advantages and factor in any possible shortcomings.

Comprehensive creative & copy analysis

Creative analysis on Amazon is a different beast – it isn’t about aesthetics; it’s about focused content that improves CTRs and conversion rates, and boosts organic rank while it’s at it. We have years of experience building brands on Amazon and Flipkart, and we know just what it takes to create an immersive shopping experience. From A+ Content to Sponsored Brand Videos, we know what to look for and what constitutes a winning brand.

An Omni-Channel Approach

We’re one of the few agencies where eCommerce isn’t an afterthought – we have experts who have been working on marketplaces for years, and have consciously built out our eCommerce know-how. As a result, we have a unique vantage point. We get Search, Social and eCommerce, and we also understand their interplay. We’ve helped many brands de-silo their marketing efforts, and would love to do the same for you.