Weddings and Marigolds

How building a digital infrastructure helped to tap the potential of online business.


Weddings & Marigolds, focuses on Wedding planning or events related to wedding, considering NRI and HNI clients as their prime target audience. This project focuses on building the digital infrastructure for W&M, and to tap the real potential of the business online and also cater to the growing demands of the digital environment via e-commerce.

Key Features Requested:

  • A responsive website optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • A Content Management System with ease of use.
  • eCommerce flow with class-leading User-Experience.
  • The website should be SEO optimized.
  • Copy-writing.

Key Insights

  • Rage chose to implement “Agile-Scrum” Methodology as the delivery model which aided in effective collaboration with the client, the internal stakeholders and the team in evolving the website incrementally.
  • Rage took a phased approach by launching MVPs within 3 months and then releasing the additional features resulting in reduced the time to market with quality.
  • Usage of project management tools such as “JIRA” helped in executing the project and manage the deliverables efficiently.


Rage architected the solution for the CMS and the eCommerce website by utilizing the in-house product ‘Ystore’. Key features including:

  • Rich Commerce solution to cater to the worldwide audience.
  • A ‘Buy Now’ option for a seamless one step checkout process.
  • Easy Warehouse (Digital) Management.
  • Easy management of promotions site-wide.
  • Popular courier integration (Bludart) to track the order seamlessly.
  • Multi currency option (prices are based on the exchanges rates of the base price) with the base price as INR.
  • To create and share the Gift Registry by the Registered user.
  • Persistent Cart across devices/browsers.
  • Purchasing and redeeming Gift Vouchers and e-Gift Vouchers online.

Utilized JIRA as project management tool efficiently to implement the Agile-Scrum method and created a Dashboard to get a snapshot of the progress of the deliverables and to monitor the project progress


  • Launched the eCommerce and the Gift Registry on time.
  • Weddings and Marigold’s brand was published worldwide which led to an increase in Sales via eCommerce.