Unilever: Magnum Pop-up Store

How a consumer-facing website with intuitive design helped to increase engagement.


The Magnum Pleasure is one of Unilever’s consumer engagement program for one of their popular brands – Magnum Ice creams.

The stores are usually Pop-Ups in high-footfall locations and Unilever runs this across the world.

This is usually an offline activity where users can walk in to the stores and choose and customise ice creams of their choice including toppings, drizzles, etc.

When the Pop-up store came to Sydney, Rage was commissioned to design and develop digital interventions for the campaign.

  • To transform interaction with the physical Magnum Pleasure Store in to a digital first brand experience for users to engage in the creation process of their own personalised Magnum, thereby capturing leads and conversions.
  • By offering a captivating online journey, streamline the order process at POS to reduce wait times at the pop-up Magnum Pleasure Store.
  • Provide customers a way to explore the Magnum indulgence while they wait for their creation to be completed.


Mobile Website

Mobile first consumer facing website with intuitive design, easy to use features to allow consumers customize their Magnums before reaching the store! 

All they had to do is, show their order number, which was sent via an auto triggered email, and collect their Magnums from store. 

POS for Staff

Easy for the staff to look up the consumer via order number or QR code. 

  • Allowed staff to create Magnums on behalf of the customer at the store. 
  • Tracking daily Sales. 
  • Printing order receipts & tax invoices. 

Lead Data Capture

  • Data layer setup via Google Tag Manager capturing 17 Key User Interactions. 
  • Analytical setup capturing vanity web metrics from the website across 14 Screens, resulting in the following tracking parameters: 
  • Consumer data collection (Newsletter Opt-ins) 
  • User interaction & on-site engagement 
  • Traffic Sources and device performance 

Sales Dashboard

A dashboard to report Daily Sales data to help Store Managers maintain their daily stock. 

  • Key Sales trends
  • Popular toppings, coatings and drizzles, etc. 

All consumer data submitted via Gigya API 2.6 real time into Unilever’s Global CRM.


MOBILE FIRST approach resulted in:

12, 819 unique website visitors during the campaign period.

80% of the website traffic was generated on the mobile device.

983 visitors subscribed to the newsletter on the mobile website.

14, 404 Magnum’s sold.

19-case-study-Magnum Pop-up Store-pagescreen-desktop
Magnum Pop Up Store