Tata Motors – SEO

How SEO optimization grew Organic Traffic and resulted in reaching more customers.


  • To improve organic traffic on Tata Motors ‘Light’ Trucks, Buses, Trucks, Ace, Winer & Pickup websites.
  • To make Tata Motors sites, blogs, and ads show up on generic and category level searches on Google Search India in Page 1 search results.


Rage first assessed the technical architecture of Tata Motors website. The website pages and content were not SEO friendly and optimised for Search Engines. Product related keywords were also not ranking in Google Search India.

We studied the online consumer behaviour of the target audience – fleet owners and prospective commercial vehicle owners, who are known to do extensive comparative research online before any purchase. The target audience was searching online for low maintenance, payload capacity, availability of spares and post-purchase service.

We then generated hundreds of keyword-rich blogs and populated them onto Tata’s websites and also third-party backlinks to the websites.


Digital Initiatives

  • Sitemap & Robots Management
  • Redirect Management
  • Speed Optimization
  • SSL Enablement
  • Search Functionality Setup
  • Footer Enhancement For Interlinking
  • Automatic Tagging Implementation
  • Google Maps Verification & Optimization
  • Organization & Location Schema Implementation
  • Content & Meta Optimization
  • Blogs Setup And Update
  • RSS Feed Integration
  • Continuous Improvement In URL And Image Structure
  • Localization
  • Structured Schema Implementation For One Box Results
  • “How To” Topics & Query Related Topic Research


Web Traffic Results:

  • Tata Light Trucks Organic Traffic increased by 1135.46%
  • Tata Buses Organic Traffic increased by 176.49%
  • Tata Trucks Organic Traffic increased by 451.15%
  • Tata Ace Organic Traffic increased by 237.92%
  • Tata Winger Organic Traffic increased by 272.15%
  • Tata Pickup Organic Traffic increased by 145.59%
Tata Motors – SEO
Tata Motors – SEO