Sundaram Finance

How a thoughtful website design led to increased customer registrations.

How responsible digital marketing conveys a brand’s ethos.


Sundaram Finance sensed an opportunity within the car-loans segment; the first-time car buyer. Rage was asked to design communication specifically targeting this segment.

Key Insight

First-time car buyers usually stretched available resources to fulfil their dreams of buying a car, but were more concerned about finding a reliable financer than savings percentage points. They were looking for a simple process from a trusted company.


It was important to recognise the concerns that first-time buyers would have, even when engaging with them on digital media. So simple communication around procedures and hand holding along with assurances of assistance led to a trust narrative.

The campaign went beyond a mere loan offer and CTA. It conveyed the brand ethos in a compelling manner assuaging fears a first time buyer would have.

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