Sun Estates

How to target buyers in a market popular for rentals.


Sun Estates is a luxury villa brand in Goa which was facing limited brand awareness. Additionally its legacy artefacts were ‘brochureware’ and lacked the exciting appeal of Sun’s great locations and classic designs.

Rage was tasked to generate leads and enquiries from individuals who were in the required income bracket and were considering property purchases in Goa.

Key Insight

People seldom buy a house, they want the promise of happiness and memories in their second home. They want a return to simpler, better, more classic times.


The properties were sold on the promise of homes full of warmth, style and being a graceful happy refuge.

The copy used in communications played a major part in getting relevant leads, and that was tailored to flag the right profile of prospective customers. Almost all copy had the cost mentioned tastefully, in order to avoid getting irrelevant leads.


Digital initiatives

  • Keywords were continuously optimised.
  • Extensions to Search ads like sitelink extensions & call out extensions helped add more info to the ad copy, which in turn helped keep Sun Estates on the top.
  • Remarketing for search ads – similar to remarketing but only to the relevant search users.
  • On Social media, audiences interested in luxury magazines, luxury products, house and interior magazines & blogs, etc. were targeted.


  • 228% improvement in search leads
  • 200% increase in GDN leads
  • 500% increase in FB leads
  • Overall CPLs all came down
  • SEO rankings moved to page 1
  • 6.5X followers on FB
Sun Estates Case Study
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