Player Elite

How a unique mobile app helped in extending user experience.


Player Elite is a Digital Loyalty company based in Australia. They are the market leader in digital loyalty solutions and Kiosk platforms for the Gaming industry. They have B2B and B2C technologies for delivering loyalty programs to Gaming Industry. Casinos are one of their prime customers. Player Elite came to Rage to develop a Real Time Earnings Dashboard for Casinos in Australia. They wanted to build a mobile application to extend the user experience of their solution by extending their services to Casino owners.

Key Insight

These are HNI business owners who are hands on and would like to keep track of how their business is performing and how much money they are making every passing hour.


Rage built a highly polished mobile app with dynamic reporting and charts for monitoring the performance of Casinos. The mobile app connects to the Casino Systems using web services and provides real time details to the owners.


The design was unique. Custom charting solutions were developed to suit the design requirements.

Case Study Player Elite