Pharmascience launches Norwell Consumer Healthcare

Pharmascience Inc: Norwell OTC Company Branding and Website Development


ADK Rage was tasked with creating the brand name and website for Norwell, a new stand-alone company focused on driving growth in the over-the-counter (OTC) category with a wide range of brands. This success story will provide an overview of the branding process and website development, highlighting the unique approach taken by ADK Rage and the successful outcome of the project.


Create branding and website for a new OTC company that conveys a message of trust, wellness, and community care.


In response to the challenge, ADK Rage was tasked with developing the brand name and website design for Norwell, a new OTC company. The name “Norwell” was chosen, representing trust, wellness, and upward momentum. The website design centered around the “WE” in the logo, emphasizing Norwell’s values of community care and pride.


ADK Rage was able to create a strong brand name and website design and development for 9 brands that conveyed Norwell’s mission of providing trusted guidance for living well and caring for the community. The website launch on 1st June 2022 coincided with the company launch and press conference in Montreal, and was well received by the client and the public. The success of the project demonstrates the importance of effective branding and website design in conveying a company’s message and values.

stephane David