Nippon Paint

How technology-driven organic search methods helped to engage new customers.


Nippon Paints was a recent entry into the crowded and highly competitive consumer paint category. With low levels of ATL spends and low levels of organic recall, the brand needed to engage new consumers and provide them with a reason to adopt the brand.

Key Insight

Purchase of paints is highly influenced by the contractor or painter. While consumers had an overall recall of brands, they would leave the final choice of paint to the painter, providing it fell within their consideration basket.


Improved organic search on current themes as well as piggy backed on existing high value category keywords.
Seeded new content, gave consumers a strong reason to choose Nippon Paints.

  • Technology + innovation stories as these were strong discriminators
  • Heritage and origin lend credibility and belief

Popularised this new content through SEM and organic social media , drove traffic to the website.
Website traffic routed to dealerships for enquiries.

Nippon Paint
Nippon Paint