LIRFC – Shopping

How UX was used to differentiate an offer.

How UX was used to differentiate an offer


A major part of the marketing focus was to increase the LIRFC’s share in card spending, and shopping was seen as an opportunity area. Typically, retail banks would offer a discount, point collection or similar schemes aimed at increasing customer perceived value in using a specific card. Suspecting that shoppers had become used to and slightly immune to such offers, the LIRFC wanted to do more.

Key Insight

It chose a specific area popular with shoppers, and negotiated special deals with shops in that area. These deals were attractive and offered potential shoppers a wider choice and variety in that popular shopping area.


An App was developed that was GPS enabled. It was a fully dynamic Augmented Reality App with a customised Admin module. It helped LIRFC card holders in that shopping area to locate the best deals and comparison shop. By improving the shopper’s experience with the App, the LIRFC was able to increase its share within shopping.

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