LIRFC – Personal Loans

How deeper understanding of customer journeys improved enquiries.

How deeper understanding of customer journeys improved enquiries


Personal Loans are a significant part of any retail bank’s business and the LIRFC focused on increasing its share in the segment. An analysis of the sales process and customer journeys revealed that increasing organic leads on the Loans Page of the LIRFC’s website represented a significant opportunity.

Key Insight

Surveys and behaviour analysis among prospective loan applicants revealed a few significant beliefs and behaviour. The most significant of these was that visitors to the site perceived the process of applying for a personal loan as cumbersome. This belief was so strong that it sometimes turned away qualified applicants who simply did not want to go through the process of online application.


The solution addressed this perception issue on two fronts. The page detailed the process and demonstrated how straight-forward and simple the process was in reality. A game was introduced to demonstrate how getting a loan was easier than winning a game, and also to increase engagement.

Both these steps worked in harmony and led to an increase in fulfilment of loan applications on the website.

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