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How UX was enhanced to gain new customers.

How UX was enhanced to gain new customers


A major part of its growth strategy for the year was getting new customers. This Leading International Retail Finance Company (LIRFC) devoted vast energies and resources to the effort. Despite its reputation, market position, and the strong marketing focus, it experienced difficulties in generating leads. The prospective new customer, despite displaying all the appropriate levels of interest and desire in signing on, did not do so.

Key Insight

On scrutiny, the LIRFC understood that user experience with the online registration form was one of the main reasons. The online registration form itself posed no problems and required no cumbersome details or actions, and filling it should have been straight-forward.

However, the online form was only a digital version of the standard analogue registration form. Filling this was cumbersome and even the most pre-disposed prospective customer found the going tough.


With a focus on enhancing UX, this form was redesigned and made responsive to different user environments. This revised version led to a 50% uplift in registrations.

* Contractual obligations preclude us from sharing more details.

LIRFC New Customer Registration