LIRFC – Increase Debit Card Usage

How meaningful engagement led to increased product usage.

How meaningful engagement led to increased product usage


The LIRFC faced a problem with its existing savings account holders. While maintaining healthy balances and transactions, they were not spending enough money through their debit cards. A marketing effort to increase debit card usage was launched.

Key Insight

One of the first findings was that unlike credit card usage which is invariable incentivized, customers holding debit cards saw no personal gain form usage. Without this, debit card usage only meant convenient transactions, which were also possible with other non-cash options such as transfers.


The solution was straight-forward, made more exciting and engaging in implementation. The idea was to extend the concept of rewards to debit card usage. This was done through a range of options. The additional step was to create a game that enabled the card user to keep track of how far away (how many debit card swipes away) they were from getting the gift of their choice.

This resonated well and found ready usage among debit card holders with 935 of them visiting the page and playing the game.

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