LIRFC – Custom Mobile App

How deeper understanding of user journeys helped improve usage.

How deeper understanding of user journeys helped improve usage


The Mobile App being developed for a specific country had to fall in line with the Leading International Retail Finance Company’s (LIRFC) global guidelines for Mobile Apps. While this was logical form the corporate best-practice perspective, it limited the extent to which the App could recognise and exploit locally relevant insights. The App could become a straight adaptation, with the attendant risks of low relevance and usage.

Key Insight

To minimise the chances of this happening, each feature of the App was customised to reflect the mobile banking behaviour of local customers. In addition, user journeys for all the different features were defined, an these were validated through usability tests.


The result was ready acceptance and usage of a Mobile App that was more in synch with local customers and their mobile banking needs, than a mere implementation of global guidelines.

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