LIRFC – Card Applications

How simple tactical steps led to sustainable advantage.

How simple tactical steps led to sustainable advantage


The LIRFC wanted to reverse a declining trend in card applications, and launched a focused marketing effort to address the issue. An analysis of the card application process revealed that though there were sufficient numbers of qualified applicants showing sufficient interest in applying for a card, they did not complete the application process.

Key Insight

The main reason for this is that card applications took time, and the potential applicant grew impatient rapidly. The result was a large number of incomplete forms. A further analysis revealed that card applicants felt no sense of urgency in completing the process, and reasoned that since it was all online, they could return to it anytime.


The solution was in two parts. As a first step, form filling was incentivised through the offer of gifts. While these were attractive enough in their own, the attraction was enhanced by making them available for a limited time only. The second step was the introduction of a timer that helped each applicant keep track of their progress in form filling. This added an element of urgency as the gift would be available only to completed forms.

This two-pronged approach resulted in a significant uplift in completed forms.

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