Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Event Booking Tool

How a web-based meeting booking tool helped take the whole process online.


Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) wanted to rebuild the existing web-based meeting booking tool from scratch that can take the whole process online across all their regional entities.

Key Requirements

  • The JLL Meeting Booking Tool should be able to take the inputs of users and view through the interactive graphical displays allowing them to select seating’s, enter their details, checking availability and make a booking or changing deleting existing bookings.
  • Application output should match the functional logics specified in the Excel document provided by JLL.
  • The backend capabilities would allow different table arrangements, numbers and capacities to be uploaded based on the event and conference specifications.


  • ADK Rage built a responsive web application designed using a microservices architecture.
  • The Backend system is developed using .NET Microsoft technology and the frontend system is developed using React JS/Next JS front-end framework.
  • The application split into the following individual modules or microservices.
    1. Admin Interface
    2. Micro services/API Layer
    3. Frontend
    4. Database

Key Insights

  • The web application is highly scalable enabling meeting bookings for multiple events organised across regional markets.
  • Auto allocation logics can be defined via simple admin interface facilitating complex seating arrangements in a variety locations within an event.
  • Both the admins and users can book, edit, delete meetings, view waitlisted bookings and receive real-time confirmation emails.
  • The secure application can only be accessed by authorised JLL users/admins via SSO.