Great Lakes Institute of Management

How intelligent use of search terms delivered excellent results.

In 2017, Great Lakes Institute of Management launched a special one-year programme on entrepreneurship. The target for the second year (2018-2019) represented a three-fold increase in intake over the first year.


Create 3 times the normal demand for a challenging one-year programme on entrepreneurship.

Clearly communicate the prerequisites for the course:

Graduates, at least five years’ work experience, preferably in the IT sector.

Ensure smooth conversion SOPs given the pressure on admin staff.

Key Insight

Amongst the key targets there was a great desire to move away from salaried employment towards being self-employed or entrepreneurs.

An analysis of these audiences revealed that they would be searching for ways to enhance skills in specific areas.


Their main interest was likely to be advanced courses in Entrepreneurship/Information Technology/AI/Machine Learning/Analytics/Start-ups and Investments.

Based on keywords, six clusters of applicants were developed. Marketing and communications was then tailored for each of these clusters. The campaign was constantly optimised based on changes in search.


Applications exceeded the goal set by 50%, and the CPL was 23% lower than the industry average.