ASCI – Advertising Standards Council of India


ASCI seeks to ensure that advertisements conform to its Code of Self-Regulation. We needed to showcase the good work ASCI was doing and reinforce their position as self-regulators of advertisers. This was to be targeted towards government regulatory bodies.

Key Insights

Since government officials are hard to reach, we decided to use public databases of government officials. Apart from this, we also reached out to various officials on LinkedIn who worked for relevant branches of the local, state or national government.


We showed them the work already done by ASCI instead of making promises about what was going to happen. That ASCI protects the Advertising ecosystem from irresponsible Advertising and works toward a more informed consumer.

Translation into the message: We’re working to keep Advertising clean so that you don’t have to!

We created emailers directed towards:

  • Governmental departments that handled specific industries, for example, TRAI for a Telecom related update, FSSAI for a F&B related update, and so on.
  • Monthly emailers showcasing the work ASCI is doing month on month to weed out irresponsible ads and prevent controversies.
Advertising Standards Council of India
Advertising Standards Council of India