AMP’s MyNorth Retirement Calculator Web Application

A web-based tool that illustrates the benefits of AMP’s Lifetime Income Account Retirement product.


The Lifetime Income Account (LIA) – Retirement Illustrator tool takes the user inputs of Retirement and Age Pension and shows the interactive graphical displays of Income, Death or Exit Benefit, Age Pension breakdowns and % Confidence in Outcomes allowing the user to model various scenario outcomes.


  • We recommended a technology stack which aligned with the existing technologies used at AMP.
  • A technical architecture document including 3rd party libraries were given to AMP.
  • The application is built on Microsoft .Net with Angular 13 as Front-end.
  • AMP’s Design guidelines have been adhered while designing the application.
  • The source code have been provided to AMP after the completion of project.

Core Features

  • Data Capture – The web application captures a range of user inputs like Name, Marital Status, Age, Account Balance, Investment Profile, Homeowner Status and Expected Annual Investment Return (%) to generate the retirement outcome charts.
  • Custom Calculations – The backend is built with customised logics, functions, calculations and solvers to generate the outcomes. All of them were derived from the excel prototype provided by AMP and recreated via code to adapt to the web application.
  • Interactive Chart Visuals – The web application returns 4 interactive charts on separate tabs generated in real-time based on the user inputs. The charts include Income, Death or Exit Benefit, Age Pension and % Confidence breakdown as outcomes.
  • Report Exports – All reports are printable and exportable as PDF, the export includes the user inputs and charts. Users are given the option to select specific charts to include in the PDF export. All charts are exportable as CSV, the export includes the data points from the chart.

Services Offered

ADK Rage fully designed and developed the web application based on an excel prototype provided by AMP. We offered the following services as part of the project:

  • User interface design & prototype
  • Responsive application development (Front & Backend)
  • Admin interface Development
  • Secure Super admin Login with Windows Authentication
  • Super admin has the access to create individual logins
  • System includes maintenance of individual admin edit logs
  • Admin can manage key input parameters used for calculating output Functional testing
    Browser/ Device Tests were done on physical devices / browsers
  • VA test support
  • Copy and Sanity checks
  • UAT & files deployment DevOps support
  • Project & delivery management