Saluting Indian truckers during the Pandemic crisis

When the Covi-19 lockdown was announced; the majority of Indians stocked up daily supplies, headed home and prepared to sit out the biggest threat to the world. Through simple social distancing, India strengthened its own chances of getting through the pandemic safely and quickly.

But not everybody could stay at home. Doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, police and many more dedicated specialists stayed at their jobs to ensure people like you and me remained safe.

Just like healthcare professionals, law enforcement and other departments, truckers are also playing a critical role in this crisis. Indian truckers continue to brave long distances, travelling hundreds of miles to make sure supplies and food reaches us. They don't have the luxury of working from home, as the demand for medical equipment, masks, sanitizers, groceries, medicines, toiletries (and the raw materials that create them) is shooting up exponentially.

Tata Motors wanted to acknowledge the huge role Truckers are playing and wanted to salute them for their selfless service as they work around the clock to deliver critical supplies.

The brief Rage Communications worked on was led by the insight that, just like other essential service providers, truckers cannot and would not wash their hands off their duty and responsibility during this crisis. Having worked with Tata Motors for so long, we also knew that their commitment to truckers' welfare was so strong that the communication needed to be an extension of that commitment.

This led to a social message video captioned #ThankYouIndianTruckers. We wanted the communication to be simple, yet make people realise the sacrifices truckers go through for all of us. At the end of the day they are true heroes and the communication reflects that.

We created this video entirely while under WFH and coordinated the production across various agency departments and the client on phone calls and
e-mails. The video was released in 7 languages across platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter and racked up 11 million views besides numerous positive comments of support and appreciation from the general public. Tata Motors was one of the first brands to extend their thanks and support to these heroes.