Celebrating a 2 Million Milestone

Acing the YouTube Ads Leaderboard for January 2018

The 2 million campaign was created to announce an unprecedented milestone of 2 million Tata Aces on the road. We're very proud that our client, Tata Motors', commercial celebrating the sales of 2 million Aces topped the YouTube Ads Leader Board for January 2018. We are happy to have played a role in it. #2MillionAces

Arriving at the concept

A quick study of the numbers had revealed that if we averaged out the number of years it took to sell 20 lakh Aces, it worked out to 1 Ace being sold every 3 minutes. And thus was born the idea of using "Ek nayi kaamyaabi har 3 minute"(a new success story - every 3 minutes!) as a way to highlight the large size and popularity of the Tata Ace community.

Our campaign consisted of a film bringing out the "3 minute" concept with the help of a countdown device to pique viewer curiosity and interest. We also had many smaller YouTube pre-loaders that emphasized the time taken to find success with a Tata Ace in comparison to other landmark successes.

Innovation in association with IRCTC

Taking an innovative approach to "being where the consumer is", we also homed in on the IRCTC website where we utilized the Captcha Code to get consumers to do a very basic calculation and derive a "3 minute answer".

We also utilized the Amazon checkout page to highlight to consumers how Tata Ace was offering opportunities for success in less time than their Amazon browsing experience! And finally we utilized Google Search in a variety of interesting ways - to keep Tata Ace right up front whenever anyone in the consideration set was searching for an employment opportunity.