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Ecommerce Website Design
Ecommerce Website Design
Ecommerce Website Design

Soak & Sleep

The Challenge:
Build a high-end e-commerce site that is fully dynamic and owner-managed with a highly customized and scalable Content Management System (CMS). The website must be capable to handle unlimited products, categories, images, pages, be able to track sales, customers, orders and inventory. Integration of the store front and merchandising module was another requirement.

The Solution:
Rage built a scalable architecture and enabled cross-sells, up-sells, best seller lists and an extensive special offer module that allowed the creation of all kinds of special offers. Further, Rage also integrated the store front with a merchandising module that covers the storefront, online commerce, merchandising, inventory and purchase management, accounting, and multiple check-out options. The site was integrated with Channel Partners - Amazon, EBay, Channel Advisor allowing for simultaneous product advertisements via a centralized dashboard.

The website also featured a strong navigation and effective fulfilment, multiple payment options and order tracking to build trust with customers. Intuitive screens in the administration section allowed for management of categories and products, orders and customers, product reviews, testimonials and subscriptions as well as manage gift vouchers, rewards, special offers, export orders, customers, total sales, tax and shipping related data.

The Result:
The website is in the 8th version, currently and Rage is already building the 9th version.

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