Website Build
Website Build
Website Build
Website Build


The Challenge:
To generate leads through Search Engine Optimization and to ensure a rapid increase in traffic to the website and thereby create an awareness of Brand Shekarsan.

The Solution:

  • Rage and the client went through several sessions where the likely customers of Shekarsan were profiled in detail.
  • A persona was then created representing each of the user types within a targeted demographic behaviour set.
  • Personas were developed to analyse the goals and navigation pathways of users and help guide decisions as part of a user-centred design process. The discussions then culminated in identifying that persona which would be the primary focus for the design.
  • Service offerings were re-written and showcased with appropriate "Calls-to-Action" for each, to ensure maximum leads capture on each page.
  • Tools designed for easy use and the site was made completely CMS driven to ensure content remains fresh and updated.
  • Aggressive on-page SEO methodologies were also incorporated to make the site search engine friendly, with submissions to over 100 search engines and search directories.

The Result
The re-vamped site has helped client showcase his range of services clearly. Website traffic increased substantially in the 1 month post re-vamped site went live, with positive feedback from the community. And the client has received offers for collaboration from several players in similar verticals, post viewing his new website.