E-mail Marketing

National Geographic - Focus on maximizing subscriber retention

The Challenge:
Subscriber renewals typically tend to get delayed resulting in loss of business. Renewal reminders either get lost in the maze of communication or quietly slip in the "to-do" list and eventually get overlooked or forgotten. Hence, we had to think of an effective communication that spurred the recipient into swift action.

The Solution:
National Geographic has a readership following which is passionately involved. Therefore, it was important for the communication to be evocative and capture the spirit of the magazine itself. The creative had to make a quick, positive impact and at the same time remain appealing and stay top-of-mind of the targeted audience.

So without straying away from the central theme of the magazine, the creative team came up with a design which was in visual consonance with the Nat Geo world. This was combined with a marketing strategy - a hard-to-resist commercial incentive - that encouraged the recipient to renew instantly.

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