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Gamesa goes all out to empower employees

The Challenge:
Gamesa India, a subsidiary of the Spanish MNC, was keen on creating an employee platform that not only provides relevant information but is also engaging, motivating and helps in creating a stimulating work environment.

The Solution:
We believed it was critical to create a channel where employees were part of the process right from the word go. Hence a quarterly newsletter on the lines of "by the employees, for the employees and of the employees" was envisaged.

In keeping with the spirit of this central theme - around which the newsletter would be built, the employees were involved right from the stage of branding the newsletter. To generate ownership and enthusiasm among the employees and create a buzz before the launch, all employees were invited via an e-mailer to vote for the best option and even propose a new name, using a custom built voting module.

Enthusiastic participation and water cooler conversations were ensured with sweepstakes thrown in for lucky winners who voted for the winning name.

The Result:
The exercise received an overwhelming response. In 3 days, over 360 people voted for their favourite name and over 200 put on their thinking caps to come up with new naming ideas.

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