Website Design
Website Design
Website Design

Maximises reach and connects with patients directly

The Challenge:
Dr. Humeira Badsha Medical Center, a Dubai-based speciality hospital focuses on treatment of arthritis and related bone and joint disorders, diabetes and obesity. In keeping with the motto of this Medical Center - "In Health there is Freedom" - the Facebook page aimed at creating awareness about related disorders and addressing the same through nutrition and right treatment.

The Solution:
Following launch of the website in June 2012, the need to create brand awareness and a treatment with a difference became the need. So the Rage Team turned to Facebook with a view to linking patients directly to the doctors, to ask, to be informed and also share information.

With 3 custom-made apps, the direct communication between patients and doctors has been established.

  • Fix an Appointment
  • Ask the Doctor - enables users to interact directly with specialists and seek disease-related information
  • FAQs

The Result:
With over 2000 likes and well targeted Facebook Ad campaigns in just a year, the regular updates and interactivity have made this page a huge success!