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  • Jul 03, 2014

An article in Slate says:
“One Google patent even suggests that retailers could offer potential customers a free ride to their store in exchange for bombarding them with ads.”

While this may be a time tested Google strategy for monetising its services, the moot point is whether Google’s own success will do away with the need for advertising itself. After all, if one can find what one needs using Google, why would one want to see advertising?
A second point to ponder is whether with increasing education and very little product differentiation, are consumers likely to be significantly influenced by advertising at all?
This brings us to the conundrum that Google may have to face up to some time or the other i.e., if advertising does not materially affect consumer choices will manufacturers want to advertise at all and/or pay for it? If that was to happen, Google may well see up its much vaunted revenue stream disappear … so what happens then?

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