About Us


20+ years. 150+ clients. 1000+ successful projects
Making the web work for business worldwide.

Digital and Online Marketing Company

Who We Are

Twenty years and a thousand (and counting) rewarding endeavours later, we continue to uphold our promise - make the web work for you. Succinctly put, we are a digital marketing company where ideas are transformed into feasible solutions that help our clients meet their business objectives.

What We Do

To be a successful business tool, all web activities - website build and design, online marketing, analytics and network administration - need individuals with different skill sets coming together. Rage's passionate and dedicated workforce harness the internet to provide user-friendly, contemporary solutions.

These include online communication, e-commerce, advertising and brand promotion, lead generation, connecting with customers, employees, and vendors, surveying, transaction processing and workflow management.

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How We Do It

Whether it's a first-time web entrepreneur or a large corporate, we have the creativity, experience and resources to put the web to work for you. Our skills cover all aspects of web-based interactions that are rooted in your business priorities, ranging from strategic consulting to project delivery.

Our expertise goes well beyond visualizing, graphic design and copywriting to cover database integration, web-mastering on UNIX and Windows, back-end program development in LAMP, ASP.NET and Java technologies.

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Company Milestones

  • 2012
    Opened office in Singapore
  • 2010
    Opened office in Sydney
  • 2009
    Opened office in Mumbai
  • 2007
    Initiated marketing operations in Australia
  • 2005
    Extended relationship with Citibank
  • 2003
    Initiated relationship with Citibank
  • 1996